I. Name

The name of the Group is :

II. Aims

The EAACP is an international organization of culturally-oriented psychiatrists in East-Asian Countries. It’s aims are :
1. To promote the study of cultural psychiatry.
2. To exchange the knowledge and experiences of cultural psychiatry
3. To promote cultural interchange between East-Asian Countries.
4. To hold Congresses.

III. Membership

The membership of the EAACP shall be composed of psychiatrists of East-Asian countries who are interested in cultural psychiatry.
They shall be limited in number according to the unanimous consent of all members. The promoting members shall be composed of the members of The first cultural Psychiatry Symposium in Seoul, February 13-14, 1987.

IV. Privileges and Obligations of Members

Members are entitled to attend all meetings of EAACP, to address all meeting, and to have the right to vote.
Members are obliged to pay an annual subscription, the amout of which shall be determined by the EAACP meetings.

V. Congresses

Congresses shall, if possible, be held at regular intervals of not more than two years. The Executive Committee shall decide the time and place of the Congress.

VI. The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall be appointed by the Ordinary Meeting of The EAACP members and shall hold the office until the next Ordinary Meeting. It shall consist of :
1. The President who shall be Chairman.
2. The president-elect who shall be a host of the next congress and shall be elected among members of countries other than that of president.
3. Secretary-In –General recommended by the president.
4. Treasurer recommended by the president

The term of the President and President-elect shall be two years or until their successors assume the office.

VII. Amendments of Articles

Amendments of Articles can be made by the meeting of all members, a two-third majority of those present being necessary.