The East Asian Academy of Cultural Psychiatry

The East Asian Academy of Cultural Psychiatry (EAACP) is an East Asian (Japan, Korea, Taiwan) academic organization for Cultural Psychiatry.

The academy was founded on 13 February 1987 with the purpose of promoting cultural psychiatry in East Asia. It was organized initially by professor Bou-Yong Rhi in Korea and professor Kyoichi, Kondo in Japan. They were later joined by professor Shen Rin in Taiwan.

The Academy’s core activity is a biannual Cultural Psychiatry Symposium. The Symposiums aim at intense discussions and exchanges of opinions on specific cultural psychiatric issues chosen by members of the academy’s three groups(Korea, Japan, Taiwan). Membership is limited and the symposiums have been held as closed meetings except for a few invited guests.

The first and the second symposiums were held between the Korean and Japanese members in Seoul and Nagoya. After the addition of colleagues from Taiwan in 1990, the symposiums have rotated between the three member countries every two years. Until the year 2010, 12 Symposia have been held. Proceedings are published as a single booklet or as a Journal supplement (see the Publication)

Founding members of the Academy were 14 in number: seven members each from Korea and Japan. Later five Taiwanese colleagues were added. (see the List of Founding Members)
The number of membership was gradually increased to 27 and 7 honorary members in 2010.
(see the List of Members)